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PRODUCT UPDATE: We are no longer selling spliced lobster claw tethers or zip tethers. We will be offering sewn rope tethers in place of the spliced life-safety products very soon. Please call us with any questions you may have about this product update.

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ACCT 8th Edition Standards Book Omega Pacific 1/2" Modified D 3-Stage Quick-Lok with Pin
Retail Price $60.00
Retail Price $34.95
Petzl Tandem Speed Zip Pulley Climbing Holds
Retail Price $89.95
Retail Price $6.99
Petzl Avao Bod Rescue Harness (NFPA, ANSI & CSA) Cargo Net (All custom sizes available.)
Retail Price $394.95
Cable Grabs Petzl Vertex Vent
Retail Price $169.95
Retail Price $114.95

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Recently Added!

Petzl OXAN Steel Triact-Lock Carabiner
Retail Price $22.95
Petzl Ascension Ascender RIGHT
Retail Price $79.95
CMI Daisy Chain 60"
Retail Price $35.95